W. Curt Vincent

W. Curt Vincent


He was sitting down two stools down from the place I slid into at the counter of Waffle Residence on a current morning. Regardless of the empty stool between us, I paid extra consideration to the menu and my wife than I did him.

What I did see ideal off was that he was a lanky person, bald-headed, dressed in denims and a flannel-like shirt with a chain dangling from his belt to a wallet in his back pocket.

There was also a knife sheath dangling from that belt.

My wife and I requested our breakfast and settled in to observe the almost choreographed dance of the workers as they geared up a myriad of plates for the packed household.

Then it occurred.

“I’ve observed a great deal of persons carrying a mask here in North Carolina,” the guy reported instantly. “Why is that?”

Fortunately, he was talking to a person of the servers who had innocently appear to request if he desired nearly anything. Rather, she was hit with the issue.

She under no circumstances received to reply.

One more male — this 1 greater, burlier, with a total head and encounter of hair — piped up.

“There’s a pandemic, ya know,” he stated in a deep voice. “And it’s getting worse once again. Folks won’t get the shot.”

The lanky male spun his head toward the burly male as the youthful server gradually backed absent.

“I’ve never ever been vaccinated and never after worn a mask — and I generate truck from Texas to the East Coastline,” he stated loud enough for the full counter to listen to. “I’ve never ever even experienced a cough.

“And … my spouse is a health practitioner, and she explained she will not get vaccinated,” he extra.

He turned his attention back to his plate of eggs, grits and bacon, picking out a spoonful of grits and bacon to gulp down.

At mid-swallow, the burly guy retorted.

“I’m a truck driver, as well … out of Virginia,” he reported. “And absolutely everyone should really get vaccinated, or persons like you will maintain this mess likely.”


I asked my spouse if we should shift, but there have been no other places open up — except in our car.

We stayed.

“Listen, I really don’t treatment what other people do or imagine, but this total factor is becoming created and operated by the authorities,” the lanky male said. “It’s all about cash. In addition, a shot doesn’t end you from getting it.”

Like most in just earshot, we retained our collective heads down.

“I think you are completely wrong,” the burly guy claimed. “If it was just a govt point, it would not be all over the world — and persons are really dying. A lot of them. In addition, the vaccination is cost-free, so where’s the cash creating?

“And a shot does preserve you from dying,” he included. “A sore arm or pair of times of nausea are far better than getting on a ventilator and then in a box.”

I consider my head was nodding in agreement.

“You can logicalize it all you want, but I know almost nothing has happened to me in all this time, and I’m all around a large amount of individuals for the duration of my stops,” the lanky guy mentioned. “You persons are becoming fooled.”

Certainly, he explained logicalize.

The burly gentleman just sat there bit by bit shaking his head. I would love to have had the potential to latch on to his thoughts at that really moment, but I’d guess he observed there was no convincing this fellow truck driver.

The two ate in silence the rest of the way and still left inside minutes of every single other. There was no handshake.

This kind of a microcosm of the stances from the considerably ends of the spectrum about the problem of vaccination, I assume, gave anyone who read it a improved being familiar with for why the pandemic nevertheless life.

The cause, virtually only, lies in people who assume like that lanky truck driver from Texas.

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