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Small blows may perhaps be illegal inside of the Octagon, but they are honest game in the advertising leadup to a huge celebration. Prior to their primary occasion showcase at UFC 264, Conor McGregor disclosed previously in the 7 days that Dustin Poirier’s wife, Jolie, attempted to ship him a direct concept on Instagram. Now, the message’s information is hidden and its veracity unfamiliar, but we consider we can divine the implication McGregor was hinting at …

Talking with Michael Bisping, Poirier appeared mostly unbothered by the attempted insult. He stated, “if it was real and my wife was messaging him or something like that, then it’s a superior a person. But, if it’s fabricated, me and my spouse were laughing at it even though at the grocery store. There’s no-holds-barred in the sh*t-speaking.”

Oddly enough, Jolie Poirier was brought up at the time once again at today’s press convention. In the course of a person of the many uncomfortably forced trash talking interactions, McGregor shouted out, “You’re only a very little b*tch! Your spouse is your partner!” and then attempted to direct the crowd in a “Jolie’s wife” chant.

Poirier accurately responded, “You applied to be greater than this, guy.”

Of system, what in fact issues is which man scores the victory on Saturday night time, an accomplishment which will settle the trilogy and hand the victor a Light-weight title shot. Until then, very well, a image is really worth a thousand words and phrases.


I know this quotation is about Tyson Fury crossing into MMA, but Francis Ngannou obtaining a boxing license would be a person hell of a reaction to this interim title BS.

Cody Garbrandt is officially heading to 125 lbs.

This is the worst, most blatant instance of Conor logic nonetheless, but luckily, Khabib Nurmagomedov was there to save the working day with a great reaction.

Excellent luck finding someone inclined to get punched in the face by Daniel Rodriguez on 9 day’s see … except Albert Tumenov has provided to phase in and really should be in the UFC in any case!

Some really epic dance moves!

Stephen Thompson vs. Gilbert Burns is a truly damn great combat that would seem to be flying beneath the radar a bit.

The return of media days means the return of Dapper Scrappers!

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Shoutout to Jack Slack for some incredible sumo clips:

Eddie Abasolo is an exceptionally slick striker.

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