Stargate Atlantis boasted a unforgettable solid of characters, which includes the intimidating but lovable Ronon Dex. The Satedan soldier, played by Jason Momoa, was a person of the couple of remaining members of his earth soon after a enormous Wraith culling. He was one particular of the show’s standout characters just after he joined through Year 2, quickly recognizable for his stature, signature gun, and his impressively cultivated dreadlocks. Nonetheless, when Jason Momoa resolved to slice his dreads off between Time 4 and 5, it posed a trouble for the costuming staff — they had to sew them all back again on. And it wasn’t straightforward for anybody concerned.

Torri Higginson cherished doing work with Jason Momoa at?v=jPLiUqNmWpU

By all accounts, Stargate Atlantis was a entertaining place of work natural environment — which could appear as no surprise provided the actors doing work on the demonstrate. According to Torri Higginson, Jason Momoa brought a “breath of refreshing air” to the established when he arrived.