In lieu of a wedding ceremony gown she wore blue denims, a white shirt and a pullover sweater. I experienced on a corduroy jacket.

There experienced been no invites or RSVPs. No rented hall. No church.

In lieu of a minister, we had a mayor.

She did not consider my title. She had a person of her personal.

Unsuspecting mates had been invited to our apartment for pizza and beer.

In lieu of a reception, there was a occasion.

That was her way.

Her needs had been apparent. Her directions unambiguous.

In lieu of just about anything official, there is everyday.


Even now. Specially now.

In lieu of bouquets, cacti

So there have been no announcements, no invites or RSVPS. No rented corridor. No church.

No funeral property.

In lieu of a cemetery, there is the desert.

In lieu of a procession, stroll the dog.

In lieu of a headstone, there are river rocks or boulders or hollowed-out sandstone.

In lieu of flowers, there are cacti.

In lieu of sympathy cards she would advise you publish a note … to your spouse, your wife, your son or daughter, your mother or father. Not a textual content. Not an e mail. A be aware. On paper. With a pen. Then put it in an envelope and publish the handle on the front, and attach a stamp to the upper righthand corner, and mail it.

In lieu of speed and comfort, there is reflection and permanence.

In lieu of dropping off a casserole, order a pizza and beer, then invite unsuspecting buddies to your put.

In lieu of a eulogy, examine a shorter tale. Some thing by Alice Munro or Eudora Welty. (“Powerhouse,” perhaps, with that line she loved: “… and they are all down the first be aware like a waterfall.”)

In lieu of disappointment, celebrate. Nevertheless not also a great deal. A glass of wine. Possibly two. A piece of blueberry pie. A film. A lengthy generate. A kiss. Possibly far more than just one.

In lieu of an obituary, this.

The futility of the thesaurus

Her wishes were obvious. Her guidelines unambiguous.

In lieu of anything at all formal, there is everyday.


Even now. In particular now.

In lieu of mourning, there should really be reminiscing.

In lieu of crying, there should be laughing. Despite the fact that they frequently seem to be to go together – the laughing, the crying, the reminiscing.

She would be far better at this.

She was far better at subsequent recommendations. She was greater at business, at implementation, at grammar, at logic, at spelling and punctuation and vocabulary. At clarity.

At life.

Her needs were very clear. Her recommendations unambiguous. But my feelings are foggy. My execution matted. I have appeared by means of a hefty e book on English language usage, and searched the dictionary, and consulted a thesaurus, but I can obtain no phrase in lieu of widower.

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