Around the a long time, Dune has attained comparisons to every thing from the Lord of the Rings to Star Wars. But Denis Villeneuve’s upcoming adaptation of the beloved Frank Herbert novel will probable be almost nothing like a run-of-the-mill fantasy epic. And the explanation why is positive to shock moviegoers later this year.

Dune isn’t a “hero’s journey” narrative. The heroes triumph in really specific techniques, but the mild at the close of its darkish narrative tunnel isn’t what you feel.

A short while ago, Dune star Jason Momoa unveiled what he thought of an early screening of the movie. Talking to Jimmy Fallon, Momoa said, “It’s a very grownup film… but so attractive.”

This comment is telling. Even while Dune is reportedly rated PG-13, audiences may well want to buckle up for a reasonably darkish, unrelenting consider on the sci-fi epic. Here’s why. Spoilers for the Dune novels, and potentially the 2021 movie, head.

Dune will reportedly be rated PG-13, which suggests a tonal darkness in line with films like Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith or Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. In terms of graphic violence, that’s possibly accurate.

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But in gentle of Momoa’s responses, it will make sense to anticipate that Dune will be the bleakest sci-fi epic perhaps at any time — at minimum for a movie of its measurement. Even the David Lynch-directed Dune finished on a somewhat triumphant take note, transforming gatherings from the novel so Paul Atreides can make it rain on the desert world of Arrakis.

But Villeneuve’s Dune will be dark for a relatively noticeable reason that enthusiasts of the book have very likely now guessed. The greatest character in the tale, not to point out the coolest, will just about surely be killed at some position for the duration of the film, brutally so. If you have not browse the books, search away ahead of this future spoiler.

Jason Momoa’s Duncan will die in Dune

In the novel Dune, Duncan Idaho, a learn swordsman for Home Atreides, is killed by Harkonnens just after Duke Leto is betrayed and attacked in his new fortress on Arrakis. This is a pivotal turning point that comes inside of the to start with third of the novel. The death of Duncan takes place primarily “off-screen” in the guide, but make no oversight: Duncan does die. This will virtually absolutely occur in the film, as well.

You may be declaring, “Who cares?” Isn’t Duncan like the Obi-Wan Kenobi determine to Paul Atreides’ Luke Skywalker? Well, no. Not really. Duncan Idaho dying halfway by way of Dune, or toward the close of the movie, would be additional akin to Han Solo dying when rescuing Princess Leia from the Death Star. In other text, it will be a bummer. It will make us experience sad. It will make the environment of Dune feel unsafe, and that is the place.

Momoa advised Kimmel he noticed this motion picture with his young children. And when he mentioned that, he winced, declaring that it was “the to start with time I bought to see anything like that with my little ones.”

Presented that Duncan is killed in the novel, it stands to explanation the Momoas may have just sat via an early screening in which the actor’s character is murdered on monitor. This isn’t Aquaman, following all. Keep in mind when Boromir usually takes all all those arrows in The Fellowship of the Ring? It is a fantastic wager Duncan’s death will be like that. But as opposed to Boromir, Duncan didn’t do just about anything completely wrong. He’s a hero who sacrifices himself to help you save the people he enjoys (and individuals he functions for).

Dune is the anti-Star Wars

Duncan Idaho is heading to be your preferred. Just do not get too hooked up.Warner Bros

Though in afterwards publications, Duncan Idaho is brought again to lifestyle by means of a variety of clones termed “gholas,” it is not like his spirit is going to be guiding young Paul into the (opportunity) Dune sequels. Death is permanent in Dune in a way it usually is not in other fantasy or sci-fi epics.

Certainly, particular figures can inherit the recollections of some others who’ve died. And of course, Duncan is fairly a lot the only key character who tends to make appearances in all the publications. But his top fate in Dune is somewhat brutal.

The fighters of Dwelling Atreides wield knives and swords, not simply because other weapons don’t exist but simply because they come to feel like such intimate instruments are correct for inflicting lethal blows. The philosophy of the Dune guides when it arrives to action is rather comparable. Every time a little something violent or explosive will take position, it’s for a practical motive. Contrary to Star Wars, Dune is not a sci-fi epic overrun with pew-pew laser bolts. Which is probably what Momoa usually means when he stated it is an “adult” movie.

Perfectly, that and his (probable) onscreen dying.

Dune hits theaters and HBO Max on Oct 1, 2021.