To the Editor:

I disagree with Denny Dzurinko’s opinion that the commentary in the Sunday, August 15 edition of The Villages Everyday Sun is biased.
The Everyday Sun’s team editors spoke the truth of the matter. For case in point, one particular of the subject areas mentioned in the editorial was a the latest Board of County Commissioners conference. I attended that assembly, heard just about every phrase, and the Day by day Sun’s description of what occurred is totally precise.
Commissioner Oren Miller did in point go off on a extensive, weird rant accusing the five commissioners of “killing a dog” and then claimed that there are additional killings to appear. Don’t get me mistaken. I Adore animals. But this was a staged, overdramatic, pre-created speech intended to advertise his wife’s cause. Commissioner Miller could only be explained as “tone-deaf” when he examine that speech to a sea of his constituents who packed the space putting on vibrant yellow “Villages Fire Fighters” T-shirts. I agree with the Day-to-day Sun that Commissioner Miller chose to make use of the greater part of his time to prioritize his wife’s sights on no-get rid of animal shelters in excess of crucial general public basic safety worries. What was most relating to to me was how Commissioner Miller intentionally applied his situation of power and authority to set the phase for his spouse and a handful of animal activists to categorical their disdain of the county animal shelter’s administration. I attended the assembly to listen to about the ambulance transportation issue but walked out in disgust all through the public forum. I had heard plenty of of Miller’s spouse complaining that our 3 new commissioners promised HER a no-get rid of animal shelter, but now they are not living up to HER expectations.
Commissioner Search’s remarks ended up equally inappropriate. He moaned about how his constituents experienced made his previous two weeks really fast paced mainly because he obtained around 800 emails, largely about the fireplace challenge. In addition to the volume of operate this brought on him, he was crucial that lots of of people e-mails have been copied (duplicated) and “absent of information.” Probably Mr. Dzurinko can explain exactly why he feels that Commissioner Look for is undertaking a fantastic occupation working for “we the people” soon after building all those offensive reviews about “us individuals.” Probably Mr. Dzurinko can describe why with so lots of of us in attendance to deal with the Fireplace problem, so considerably time was wasted on the pet dog concern that we did not have an opportunity to discuss. I locate it difficult to think that that was not planned.
When people (like Mr. Dzurinko) never like the Facts getting introduced by the Day-to-day Sunlight, they should really end the title-calling, level out accurately what they understand as untrue, and provide proof to assistance the contrary. They need to give up accusing people they disagree with of “working for the Developer,” “being a puppet of the Developer” or becoming “in the Developer’s pocket.” Individuals who resort to own assaults as an alternative of engaging in civil debate only illustrate that they have no points or logic to again up their have thoughts.

Bruno Falvo
Village of Fenney